Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sea Wall Wipe-out!

Last week, I visited my Aunt and Uncle.  They live on the inter coastal in North Palm Beach, Florida. As we were walking down to the point, I saw that part of the sea wall was washing out. There was a sign that said "DANGER STAY BACK"

 I felt scared so I asked my Aunt why the sign was there.  She told me that it wasn't like that when they first moved there.  She said it was caused mostly by the wakes from boats going too fast. The seawall is in a "No wake zone".  A no wake zone  means that boaters should slow down. 

When boaters drive too fast they cause large wakes to splash up onto the seawall and wash it away a little at a time.  After awhile the seawall gets almost disintegrated.   Boats going too fast could also hurt manatees and other creatures that might be living close by.

That's why it's important for boaters to be careful and follow the rules.  The oceans are not just for us to play in, the oceans are for the creatures that call it home.  So remember when you're playing in the ocean you're really at someone's home. 

 Please make the Janie's Ocean Life Responsible Boater Promise.  
I, (Your name) promise to be a responsible boater.
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