Monday, January 30, 2012

Turtle Rescue

We found this little guy in the middle of the road, a very dangerous place for turtles, so we helped him out. That's my baby sister reaching into the box.  I told her not to because turtles can bite and they will  bite if you get too close to their mouth.  Lucky for her, she actually listened to me. 

Because we found him on a road in our neighborhood, we decided to release him in 
the pond behind our house.  There are a bunch of turtles in the pond so I know he will have no problem making new friends.

He was scared so it took him a little while to come out of his shell.  When that little guy 
felt the cool water, he took off like a bullet. Who ever said turtles were slow?

I hope he is doing fine and enjoys life in the pond cause just like everything turtles have a special place in our ecosystem.  Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by.